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Our dedicated financial management team at NAI Burns Scalo uses Yardi software to ensure accurate and timely financial reporting tailored to your firm’s requirements. Our streamlined processes optimize cash flow management, minimize risk, and enhance overall financial performance, empowering property owners to make informed decisions and maximize profitability.

NAI Burns Scalo prepares comprehensive annual budgets for your real estate investment.  Our process ensures proper cash reserves are in place for operating spends such as taxes and insurance, capital spends and tenant leasing costs and commissions.  Our budgeting process leads to potential cost reductions, proper cash management, and executing lender requirements.  This allows us to efficiently manage your investment, while owner maintains as much or as little involvement in the process along the way.

Count on NAI Burns Scalo to seamlessly track and confirm the financial health of your assets. These tasks encompass monthly variance reporting, cash statement and forecast and other financial reports ensuring you have a holistic view of your investment monthly. Our comprehensive accounting platform, supported by our dedicated team and stringent internal controls, ensures meticulous financial reporting that you can trust. 

With a focus on timeliness and precision, our dedicated NAI Burns Scalo’s accounts payable team delivers efficient and accurate payment processing – handling vendor invoices promptly, minimizing delays, and optimizing cash flow management. We can negotiate favorable terms with vendors, resulting in cost savings and enhanced profitability for property owners. 

Our dedicated financial professionals manage tenant accounts, minimizing delinquencies and maximizing cash flow. Leveraging our expertise, we implement effective strategies to reduce arrears and mitigate financial risks, optimizing the financial performance of your property portfolio. 

Through our experienced team and Yardi automation, NAI Burns Scalo will enforce lease language to ensure no leakage. This proactive approach maximizes revenue potential and maintains a healthy financial outlook for the property, contributing to its long-term sustainability and value appreciation in the market.

NAI Burns Scalo prioritizes quality services through a robust organizational model featuring key leadership roles at both corporate and account levels accountable for service delivery. Every monthly report undergoes a thorough verification process, with an accounting manager or controller ensuring content accuracy, property manager input, and final review by a senior leader before delivery to you.

Our people and internal systems, part of our comprehensive accounting platform, track and confirm your accountant’s completion and review of essential items within expected due dates. These include monthly financial reports, tenant recovery reconciliations, tenant recovery escrows, real estate tax payments, and budgets/forecasting. Trust NAI Burns Scalo for meticulous financial reporting and stringent internal controls.

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