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At NAI Burns Scalo, our history and expertise as commercial real estate investors allow us to understand and actively participate in all phases of the deal cycle as no other general contractor can. Our team efficiently manages all aspects of construction contracts, ensuring quality workmanship, adherence to timelines, and cost-effectiveness for our clients’ development projects.


New ground-up construction is at the core of our expertise!  There is an unmatched thrill in bringing a new project out of the ground.  Each project presents an opportunity to redefine skylines throughout America.  Our extensive portfolio of ground-up projects spans a variety of sectors, including corporate office headquarters, mixed-use developments, retail centers, restaurants, hotels, light industrial/flex spaces, and more.  We tackle commercial projects of all sizes with equal enthusiasm and dedication.

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We spend the most time at our places of employment.  Therefore, at NAI Burns Scalo we are passionate about unlocking human potential by delivering life-changing experiential real estate. We aim to create a sense of place that employees WANT to come!

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We collaborate closely with restaurant owners to transform their vision into a vibrant reality. Our approach involves understanding every nuance of their concept, from the ambiance they envision to the flavors they want to delight their patrons with. Through meticulous planning and innovative design, we craft immersive dining experiences that captivate guests from the moment they step through the door.

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Light Industrial/Flex

We are building spaces for the manufacturing and transportation of goods that fuels the American economy.  From the point of production to final mile delivery, NAI Burns Scalo excels in delivering a wide spectrum of industrial and flex projects with expertise.

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Life Science/Healthcare

We are constructing cutting-edge science and technology hubs where groundbreaking advancements take place, directly influencing lives worldwide.  We provide healthcare clients invaluable construction expertise that uphold their patient centered missions.

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Large Mixed-Use

We are developing the places where people live, work, dine, shop, and play.  Mixed-use developments successfully integrate offices, retail, restaurants, and living to create vibrant walkable hubs that invigorate communities.

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Land/Residential Lot Development

With a focus on single-family housing and townhomes, we specialize in the development of residential neighborhoods that combine thoughtful design, sustainable practices, and modern amenities.

Our process begins with careful planning and site selection, taking into account factors such as location, infrastructure, and community needs.

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NAI Burns Scalo specializes in crafting exceptional hospitality spaces that elevate the guest experiences, whether through restoring existing properties or creating innovative new builds.  Central to our approach is a deep understanding of the unique needs and aspirations of our clients. We work closely with hoteliers, restaurateurs, and developers to translate their vision into reality, guiding them through every stage of the process with transparency and integrity.

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We excel in crafting multi-family living spaces that cater to diverse lifestyles, spanning from sleek urban high-rises to cozy suburban apartments. Our expert construction ensures each residence boasts stunning amenities, creating an environment residents are proud to call home.

At NAI Burns Scalo, our extensive experience and deep-rooted knowledge in commercial real estate investment uniquely position us to engage comprehensively across all stages of the deal cycle, setting us apart from other general contractors. With a keen understanding of the industry, we actively participate in every facet of the process, ensuring our clients receive unparalleled support and insight. From initial negotiations to final execution, our team seamlessly navigates construction contracts, prioritizing quality, safety, adherence to timelines, and cost-effectiveness to bring our clients’ development projects to fruition.

As your trusted partner, we work best when we are engaged early in the process.  Our approach prioritizes collaboration and a project-centric mindset right from the beginning. We believe in transparent pricing, meticulously planned schedules, and safety above all else.

Specializing in a diverse range of categories including ground-up developments, office spaces, retail and restaurant establishments, light industrial and flex spaces, life science and healthcare facilities, large mixed-use projects, land and residential lot developments, hospitality ventures, and multifamily residences, NAI Burns Scalo excels in delivering tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of each project. Whether it’s through Design/Assist w/ Negotiated Bid, Design/Bid/Build, Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP), Cost Plus, or Construction Management (CM) approaches, our team is committed to driving success and exceeding expectations in every endeavor we undertake.

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