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NAI Burns Scalo is equipped to assist you at every step of the commercial real estate life cycle. Drawing from our own successful experiences, we can leverage decades of expertise to guide you through site evaluation, acquisition, development, market analysis, financing, and strategic sales positioning. Our comprehensive services range from consulting on insurance procurement to preparing you for tax assessment appeals. Whether you need full support or specific services tailored to your needs, we have the capability to help.

Investment Analysis

Our integrated advisory services process offers a wealth of resources to support you in thoroughly evaluating potential acquisitions.    In addition to guiding you through the site selection process, we also provide expertise in investment pro forma underwriting and financial and property due diligence, enabling you to gauge the feasibility of a profitable investment with confidence.

Debt Placement & Financing Consulting

With our skilled team and extensive network of contacts, we are well-equipped to help you secure the suitable financing for your project. In addition to connecting you with traditional financing sources, we will collaborate closely with you to explore alternative options such as tax incentives, grant programs, and private/public partnerships. By evaluating these alternatives alongside conventional avenues, we ensure that your investment aligns with your pro forma and progresses with confidence.

General Consulting

Our team is experienced in navigating the challenges of commercial real estate ownership and we can leverage our expertise to benefit your bottom line. Whether it’s helping you procure proper insurance coverages, evaluating operating efficiency and growth strategies, or assessing the likelihood of succeeding on a tax appeal, we have done it all and can guide your investment to financial success.

Strategic Positioning & Dispositions

We can assist you with arranging and managing your commercial real estate assets in a way that will optimize their value, performance, and the potential for achieving your specific financial objectives. We will evaluate various factors such as market conditions, economic trends, the competitive landscape, and your financial needs to allow you to capitalize on opportunities.  We will consult with you to put together the most effective strategy to maximize returns.

At NAI Burns Scalo, we possess the expertise to support all of your ownership needs. Our range of services encompasses all issues that arise during the journey of owning commercial real estate and can be tailored precisely to your needs. 

Through our integrated advisory process, we provide abundant resources to thoroughly evaluate potential acquisitions. Our expertise in financial and property due diligence ensures you can confidently assess the feasibility of a profitable investment.  Backed by a skilled team and an extensive network, we’re equipped to assist you in evaluating financing sources for your project. Beyond traditional sources, we explore alternative options like tax incentives, grants, and public/private partnerships, ensuring your investment aligns with your goals and progresses confidently.

With a wealth of experience in navigating commercial real estate challenges, we offer expertise to enhance your bottom line. From assisting you in procuring proper insurance coverages to assessing tax appeal viability, our team can guide your investment toward financial success.  We aid in optimizing the value, performance, and potential of your investment. By evaluating market conditions, economic trends, and competitive landscapes, we craft tailored strategies to maximize returns and achieve your specific financial objectives.

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