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Development & ConstructionOwner’s Representation

At NAI Burns Scalo, we specialize in maximizing the potential of your project from conceptualization through design development, entitlement, permitting, and comprehensive project management.


Our team integrates innovative architectural concepts and practical considerations to create distinctive and functional commercial spaces that meet the unique needs of our clients and enhance the communities that we serve.

Entitlement & Permitting

We navigate the complex regulatory landscape, securing necessary approvals and permits to unlock the full potential of commercial real estate projects, ensuring timely and successful development outcomes for our clients

Commercial Project Management

Our team at NAI Burns Scalo orchestrates every aspect of development, from inception to completion, ensuring timely delivery, cost efficiency, and quality outcomes for our clients.

As your Owner’s Representation, our primary focus is ensuring the integrity of each development phase. We maintain strict control over timelines, manage change orders, and adhere to budget constraints, aiming to deliver the maximum return on your investment.

Throughout the pre-construction phase, we handle critical aspects such as site and team selection, entitlements, permitting, and design oversight. During construction, our dedicated team provides site supervision, owner cost reporting, and a thorough review of change orders and schedules.

Post-construction, we continue to add value by overseeing punch list preparation and management, assembling operation and maintenance manuals, and facilitating owner-facility engineer training.

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