The Vision on Fifteenth Welcomes Employees Back to Office with Community Centric Design

March 21, 2023 | BSRE

PITTSBURGH, PA – When conceiving our ‘new-age’ lobby at The Vision on Fifteenth, Burns Scalo felt that it was essential to keep in mind the things that employees would WANT to have in the shared space.

Working alongside James Frederick of James Gallery & Kendall Barkey, NCIDQ of AE7 Design – BSRE Brand Ambassador Pamela Austin was tasked with the design and curation of an art-filled 1st floor experience that is uniquely forward-looking, and unlike that of any other office building in Pittsburgh.

“With employees having so many choices, I think that we knew that we had to do something really special here – to bring that value to our tenants so that their employees would want to stay”, said Austin.

Living nearby, and serving as President of Strip District Neighbors, Pamela was able to unlock a passion for the project that enabled the space to be elevated to the next level. She continued, “People have been working from home, so now we needed to reintroduce that ‘home’ feeling, but in a commercial setting”.

Its almost like they want to recreate a comfortable environment at the workplace, rather than going back to the same old office”, said knife-painter Joyce Werwie Perry, artist of ‘In Good Company’.

Coming off the tail of the COVID-19 pandemic, BSRE was looking to inspire a rejuvenation of community and togetherness through its lobby design. Large, floor-to-ceiling windows, comfortable furniture, concierge service, and an on-site fitness center were just the start.

“This building deserved a design that was so vibrant, it was community based, it was colorful. Its an extension of the identity of the Strip District,” said Kendall Barkey of AE7 Design.

Featured Art (Curated by James Gallery):

‘In Good Company’ by knife-painter Joyce Werwie Perry adorns a jet-black backdrop to show a colorful depiction of friends getting together.

‘The Gathering’ by sculptor Dan Droz sits outside the building’s front entryway – welcoming passerby, guests, and employees alike.

‘Future Vision’, by large scale muralist Gregg Valley brings the building to life with a pop of vibrant color on the traffic-heavy Smallman St side of the office tower.

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