Jaffee Donaldson

Director of People Operations

Jaffee is a seasoned HR and Operations leader with over 20 years of diverse experience across industries including manufacturing, startups, non-profits, tech, education, hospitality, and real estate. From boardrooms to shop floors, she’s collaborated with C-suite executives and frontline managers, bringing a human-centric approach to every aspect of the employee lifecycle. From recruitment to retirement, Jaffee has navigated the intricacies of HR, emphasizing the importance of bridging people and operations. With a keen eye for solutions, she continually seeks to enhance efficiency and leverage human capital to drive bottom-line results.

Bachelor of Science – La Roche University

Society of Human Resources (SHRM)
Society of Human Resources Certified Professional (SHRM – CP)
Pittsburgh Human Resource Association (PHRA)
Dallas Human Resources Association (Dallas HR)