Burns Scalo Honors Black History Month by Supporting an Aspiring Talent

February 27, 2023 | BSRE

PITTSBURGH, PA — In celebration of Black History Month, Burns Scalo Real Estate (BSRE) has partnered with budding local creative Tomi Adebayo to help her realize her vision for Black History Month.

The chic beauty of BSRE’s Vision on Fifteenth immediately inspired Tomi. She knew it was the ideal location to capture the essence of her planned shoot celebrating Black History Month.

In collaboration with veteran photographers – Alex Jones and Ed Massery, Tomi assembled a collection of models whose real-life occupations include teachers, nurses, mental health workers, and scientists. Tomi conceived the set direction and compositions – while also serving as one of the models.

Tomi said, “I wanted a theme of Black glamour for the shoot this year, inspired by the timeless elegance of Vogue and Essence magazine covers. I intended to open up an opportunity for people to feel special and elevated in the way often only afforded to celebrities.”

She continued, “With a formal and colorful wardrobe, each model could stand out and play well against the bold tones of the space, bringing together the vibrancy and unique beauty of black glamour. In mirroring a Hollywood-esque look using everyday people, I hoped that they could see themselves in that same light and that others might see that within themselves as well.”

With a formal and colorful wardrobe, each model could stand out and play well against the bold tones of the space, bringing together the vibrancy and unique beauty of black glamour.”

Tomi Adebayo

Tomi’s family emigrated from Nigeria when she was two. She attended the University of Pittsburgh, graduating magna cum laude with a degree in psychology and a minor in studio arts. She is a visual artist who specializes in soft pastel portraits. While at Pitt, Tomi received the 2017 A.J. Schneider Award during that year’s Studio Arts Student Exhibition, allowing her to display her artwork in the Hillman Library Reading Room. She is also a violinist who has performed in WQED sessions.

BSRE, working with multi-disciplinary design firm AE7, meticulously designed and styled the Vision on Fifteenth lobby to make people feel like they had walked into a luxury hotel, not an office building.

Adebayo photographs models in the lobby at The Vision on Fifteenth in Pittsburghs Strip District

Coordinated by Brand Ambassador Pamela Austin, BSRE commissioned original artwork through James Gallery to elevate the space to another level. Tomi’s photography project is a validation that the design team was successful in their intent. It’s a space where ordinary people can feel extraordinary.

“Seeing young, black people celebrate their African-American culture and embrace their African heritage with such pride and glamour at the Vision on Fifteenth was tremendously gratifying,” said Pamela Austin.

“We are a part of the communities we serve, and that means we have a responsibility to create a sense of welcoming and belonging for all,” noted Jim Scalo, President/CEO of BSRE.“We know our impact extends beyond our walls, and we’re committed to providing young people an opportunity to develop their talent and skills.”

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