South Fayette Leasing Team Sees Promising Increase in Activity

May 24, 2024 | NAI Burns Scalo

NAI Burns Scalo is proud to share that brokerage associates Joe Sheerer and Nick Scalo have successfully signed eight notable leases in the South Fayette office and flex market within the past month. This achievement stands out amid uncertain market conditions, showcasing the team’s expertise and dedication to their clients.

Despite the fluctuations and uncertainties in the market, NAI Burns Scalo has demonstrated robust capabilities and a steadfast commitment to excellence. The recent successes of Joe Sheerer and Nick Scalo, culminating in over 49,000 square feet of leased space, highlight the firm’s strength in navigating challenging conditions and achieving significant results.

Joe Sheerer commented, “It’s been exciting to see so much activity within our Bridgeville Portfolio. Nick and I want to keep this momentum rolling heading into the summer. We look forward to maintaining successful relationships with our current tenants, and establishing new ones.”

One story office building with two trees framing a wood panel entryway
Abele Business Park Suite Entry

Their achievements underscore the effectiveness of their strategic approach and the enduring appeal of the South Fayette office and flex market. NAI Burns Scalo continues to set a high standard in the industry, ensuring both tenant satisfaction and property owner confidence.

Nick Scalo added, “We kicked off Q2 with a strong start, successfully renewing current tenants and welcoming new ones to our properties. The success of this last month has been a testament to our dedication to the South Fayette area.”

As NAI Burns Scalo continues to thrive, the accomplishments of Joe and Nick serve as an inspiring example of what dedicated commercial real estate teams can achieve in a less than certain market. Their ability to close significant deals reflects a deep understanding and a commitment to delivering exceptional value to their clients.  With such a strong track record, NAI Burns Scalo is well-positioned to continue its success in providing outstanding service.

Notable Transactions

Leased – Medical Equipment Company
23,900 SF
Bursca Business Park and Abele Business Park

Leased – Business Services Company
9,000 SF
Bursca Business Park

Leased – Engineering Company
3,000 SF
Bursca Business Park

Leased – Metals Supplier Company
3,000 SF
Bursca Business Park

Leased – Medical User
2,663 SF
Abele Business Park

Leased – Electrical Services Company
2,509 SF
Abele Business Park

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