We Are For Hire!

June 10, 2024 | NAI Burns Scalo

At NAI Burns Scalo, our deep expertise in commercial real estate comes from over 70 years of learning the industry with our own investments. We have been very successful as an investor, but this new chapter will reflect the fact that we are more than just an owner – we are now officially for hire. Our hands-on experience, combined with our newly attained worldwide reach through NAI Global, uniquely positions us to offer a wide array of commercial real estate services for owners, occupiers, and investors alike.

Brokerage Services
When it comes to brokerage, we are proud to serve both owners and occupiers with a high degree of professionalism and expertise. Our extensive experience in leasing, owner advisory, capital markets, and strategic marketing ensures every deal is optimized and positioned for success. We leverage our market knowledge to advertise properties effectively and secure the best terms for our clients. Our connection to other regions and nations has been enhanced by leveraging the local expertise of our NAI Global peers, effectively enabling us to serve property owners across multiple markets – not only in Western Pennsylvania.

We are also proud to serve tenants, with decades of experience in corporate services and tenant representation. In today’s unpredictable real estate market, it’s important to have an expert partner who can help you navigate challenges and maximize value. Our newly formed Corporate Advisory Services team boasts decades of experience, enabling us to offer cost-saving, resource-conserving solutions.

Property Management
The NAI Burns Scalo property management package goes well beyond basic maintenance. We develop customized plans to boost revenue, cut costs, and plan for future improvements. Our offerings range from regular building maintenance and janitorial services to financial management and client experience enhancements. We ensure that your property runs smoothly and efficiently, all while fostering an enjoyable and comfortable environment for your tenants.

Development and Construction
Our commercial real estate development and construction services offer a comprehensive approach, tailored to your needs. From conceptual design to project completion, our experienced team is your trusted advisor every step of the way. Our hands-on approach and nearly 70 years of experience ensure that your projections are grounded in real costs, and that your completion plans align with actual timelines – providing you with confidence and peace of mind throughout the process.

Safe to say we’re not just adapting to the changing real estate landscape – we’re leading the way. We’re ready to offer unparalleled service and value, ensuring success in an evolving market.

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