President’s POV: Strategizing for Success

May 30, 2024 | NAI Burns Scalo

Written by Brian Walker, President of NAI Burns Scalo

NAI Burns Scalo’s decision to rebrand is a clear indicator of the strategic realignment we are undergoing as a company. We are officially for hire!  Our team is newly committed to being a services-oriented firm capable of addressing worldwide needs. By joining NAI Global, our dedication to that goal is enhanced by a network of over 325 offices, allowing us to do business beyond the city of Pittsburgh.

This change not only grants us access to a global network of professionals, but it also signifies a shift in the way we conduct ourselves. Leading with services and utilizing equity as a solution will allow us to provide comprehensive, client-centric solutions to drive growth and innovation. Our business model now reflects a focus on expansion and commitment to the future. The real estate landscape is rapidly evolving, and we are prepared to navigate these changes by leaning on the expansive reach and knowledge of our NAI Global peers.

While we embrace this new direction, we remain deeply connected to the foundations that have brought us success. Our traditional business model, built on local expertise and long-standing relationships, will not be abandoned. Instead, it will be integrated into our new approach, ensuring that we retain the trust and confidence of our existing clients while expanding our capabilities and reach. The strength of our local roots, combined with the vast resources of a global network, positions us uniquely to offer unparalleled service and value.

This strategic pivot comes at a time when we believe the commercial real estate market is on the brink of a resurgence. Despite recent challenges, the market is showing signs of recovery and growth. Businesses are adapting to new norms, and the demand for flexible, innovative real estate solutions is increasing. By focusing on our clients’ needs and leveraging the vast resources of a new worldwide network, we are well-positioned to capitalize on these emerging trends.

As Chairman of NAIOP for 2024, I have had the unique opportunity to travel extensively and gain firsthand insight into the national commercial real estate marketplace. These experiences have confirmed my belief that resilience and adaptability are key to success, and I am confident that firms like ours are on the right path.

We are embracing change and innovation rather than fearing it, actively positioning ourselves as leaders in the commercial real estate sector. Together, we are ready to tackle the challenges of tomorrow and seize the opportunities that lie ahead. The future of commercial real estate is bright, and NAI Burns Scalo is poised to lead the way.

AUTHOR: Brian Walker
President, NAI Burns Scalo
As President, Brian Walker leads NAI Burns Scalo’s high-growth-focused mission to extend the reach of the firm’s fully integrated professional real estate services with an eye on national exposure and expansion.